Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summary of CCSVI Symposium in New York- from Arlene Hubbard

First day at the conference and already am learning lots. Dr Zivadinov spoke this AM reporting a possible association between Epstein Barr, heart disease, IBS and smoking and CCSVI in MS. He also reported that Ginkgo Biloba seemed to have a protective mechanism. He did not mention other supplements. MSers have more iron in their Thalamuses than normals. Hypo perfusion is Strongly correlated with severity of CCSVI in MS(so glad the Hubbard Foundation will be studying perfusion in the next few months)! Dr Z also discussed that the more extracranial stenosis the less veins in the brain...atrophy? Will discuss more later. I need to go to the afternoon event.