Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hubbard Foundation in the Book: CCSVI as the Cause of Mulitple Sclerosis

We want to thank Marie Rhodes RN, author of the CCSVI as the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis, for all of the work she has done to share the scientific research on CCSVI and Multiple Sclerosis in her new book.  We also want to thank her for sharing Hubbard Foundation's work on this topic of CCSVI, as both a resource and a patient story about Devin. 

We look forward to sharing some of our results mentioned in her resources section at our upcoming 2011 CCSVI Conference, May 14th in San Diego.  And we look forward to Marie joining us at the conference as she presents her book for signing. 

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 Hubbard Foundation

Monday, April 25, 2011

Shoulder Alignment Basics: Part 2

Hubbard Foundation believes that CCSVI treatment requires more than just venoplasty. Rather, changes in lifestyle are integral to living healthy with CCSVI. When patients come to us for CCSVI testing and treatment, they are given a host of information regarding living with CCSVI.

In addition to diet and supplementation recommendations, we suggest both exercise and relaxation. Yoga can help accomplish these both.

A continuation from our Shoulder Alignment Basics part 1, Paisley Close, San Diego Yoga instructor, teaches us more helpful exercises to keep the neck, shoulders, and upper back in proper alignment for better health!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Author Marie Rhodes RN Booksigning at CCSVI Conference

Marie Rhodes RN has personal experience with CCSVI and MS and wrote about it in her book CCSVI as the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

She will be signing books at the 2011 CCSVI Conference in San Diego, May 14th. Registration on

10% of proceeds of book royalties are donated to CCSVI Alliance

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hubbard Foundation 2011 CCSVI Conference, San Diego, CA

May 14th, 2011 Hubbard Foundation is sponsoring the 2011 CCSVI Conference.

Giedrius Buracas PhD, UCSD
Jack Burks MD,
MS Association of America
Michael Dake MD,
Stanford University, KEYNOTE
Kirsty Duncan PhD, Parliament, Canada
Justin Gooding MD,
Palomar Pomerado Hospital
E. Mark Haacke PhD,
Wayne State University
David Hubbard MD,
Applied fMRI Institute
Donald Ponec MD
, Palomar Pomerado Hospital
Richard Saxon MD, Palomar Pomerado Hospital

Is it time 6 or 12 month follow-up testing? Are you thinking about coming to Hubbard Foundation for CCSVI Testing and Treatment?
We suggest you Schedule your CCSVI testing and treatment around the conference, either come the week before (May 9-13) or the week after (May 16-20).

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Nobody talks about this sh*t, but it's important for your health!

The more we research, the more we find a gut-brain connection. This is why we have developed a diet and supplementation for people with MS and CCSVI at the Hubbard Foundation.

We realize this is an uncomfortable subject for people, but the way our body gets rid of toxins, is in part, through our bowel movements. If we are not having normal bowel movements, it's an indication that something is wrong.

Look at the link to get informed, and contact your doctor regarding this issue.

Taking medications for gastro-intestinal distress often decreases the GOOD intestinal flora which needs to be replenished via diet and supplements.

Check out our diet and supplement recommendations at

Stay tuned for information regarding a simple candida test to check your system.

Stay well and let's go with the flow!!

Hubbard Foundation

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vitamin D, Multiple Sclerosis, and CCSVI

In an article a couple of months back, the Huffington Post reported on David Perlmutter MD's study of Vitamin D and its connection to MS.

He found that, "The group receiving the vitamin D demonstrated a remarkable 41 percent reduction in new MS events, a figure that markedly exceeds what is claimed by the standard drug treatment discussed above."

Click here for the full article

According to Dr. Perlmutter's research, Vitamin D has an immunological function, especially in patients with MS. And other researchers show that Vitamin D also plays a role in vascular smooth muscle function and in the endothelium (the lining of blood vessels). Lack of vitamin D can lead to impaired vascular. Recent research shows, "A lack of vitamin D, even in generally healthy people, is linked with stiffer arteries and an inability of blood vessels to relax, research from the Emory/Georgia Tech Predictive Health Institute has found." (Science Daily ) All of these benefits of Vitamin D are important for people with MS and CCSVI.

Vitamin D comes from the sun and

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shoulder Alignment Basics in CCSVI

CCSVI, affecting the blood vessels of the head, neck and chest may respond poorly to chronic muscle tension and poor posture of the upper body. Poor posture and chronic muscle tension are unhealthy for all, and especially those with CCSVI and MS, where the blood vessels of the upper body are not functioning properly already.

The following video, by experienced Yoga teacher Paisley Close (San Diego, CA), addresses the issues of proper shoulder alignment. Though one of her aims in making this video is to prepare you for more challenging yoga poses, the basics of shoulder alignment are universally applicable.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Many CCSVI Testing and CCSVI Treatment Registry Sites Become Active

Hubbard Foundation collects CCSVI testing and/or CCSVI treatment data at CCSVI Multi-Center Registry sites across the US, and several new ones have just become active! RED indicates an active site.