Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Warriors Against the MonSter"-By Cheryl Kunzelman, written for the Hubbard Foundation

Warriors Against the MonSter

I share my body with a MonSter
It feeds upon my fear
Its under my skin
It's in my eyes
I can see it in the mirror

It saps up creativity
Leaving weakness in its place
It's in my touch
It's in my tone
You can see it in my face

This MonSter consumes potential
Exchanges for disability
It's in my stance
It's in my gait
I  push onward clumsily

It try's to take my passion
It trades my future for its own
It's in my hands
It's in my feet
It never leaves me alone

This ever present MonSter
Is leaning on my soul
It's in my sight
It's in my voice
To take my senses is its goal

An internal battle with the MonSter
My power is its prey
It's in my mind
It's in my thoughts
I long for independence day

Today to slay this MonSter
Means that you must slay its host
It's in my past
It's what's in store
Its my ever present ghost

Outside of me - I hear warriors!
Training hard for a crusade!
It's in their hearts
It's in their steel
Preparing new weapons to invade

This MonSter's days are numbered
It SHALL  be overcome!
It's in my hopes
It's in my dreams
To celebrate freedom

This will be the closing stanza to this poem someday!

The MonSter beaten  in submission
A triumphant VICTORY anthem!
It's none too soon
It's just in time
It's claimed it's last victim

Written for The Hubbard Foundation
By Cheryl Kunzelman


  1. Like insulin for Diabetics so CCSVI for MS. I did it and I am grateful I did. I woulf ask Dr. Hubbard to come to Ontario Canada and do an audit because its a mess here

  2. Wow - thank you sooooo very much for sharing this.

    I write poetry, and as I read this it felt like it came from me - my thoughts, my feelings
    Just wow

    Thanks Hubbard family for all you do