Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hubbard Foundation Update April 18th 2012

Dr. Ponec and his North County Radiology team in San Diego, CA are no longer using the Del Mar Facility for CCSVI treatment. It has been bought out by a German dialysis company, and the IRs are now in the process of negotiating an acceptable treatment price from Pomerado Hospital, where Devin was treated.  In addition, we have completed our functional MRI and perfusion study pre and post venoplasty.  Our study of the first 260 patients has been accepted for publication, but we cannot publicize our data until the paper is published.  Furthermore, our Multi-Center Registry for CCSVI Testing and Treatment is treating patients at 26 sites around the country and we are continuing to collect their data, having collected data on over 500 patients so far. You can find that information on the Hubbard Foundation web site.

The Hubbard Foundation is focused on patient advocacy, education and expanding our research into dietary treatments and basic science studies.  For those interested in coming to our center in San Diego, CA, we can test you in early May but we think it's risky to assume that Pomerado Hospital will agree to a lower treatment price by the conference then.  We will have a lot more information at the conference, May 12th, including latest research findings from the Hubbard Foundation and other researchers.  Please go to for more information about the conference.

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