Monday, April 25, 2011

Shoulder Alignment Basics: Part 2

Hubbard Foundation believes that CCSVI treatment requires more than just venoplasty. Rather, changes in lifestyle are integral to living healthy with CCSVI. When patients come to us for CCSVI testing and treatment, they are given a host of information regarding living with CCSVI.

In addition to diet and supplementation recommendations, we suggest both exercise and relaxation. Yoga can help accomplish these both.

A continuation from our Shoulder Alignment Basics part 1, Paisley Close, San Diego Yoga instructor, teaches us more helpful exercises to keep the neck, shoulders, and upper back in proper alignment for better health!

Freeing this area from all possible impingement will be good for your health and overall sense of well-being, whether you have CCSVI, Multiple Sclerosis, or not. Poor posture and chronic muscle tension are unhealthy for all.

This simple exercise can be done standing, sitting or in a wheelchair. Make sure to listen to your body, the sensation of stretch should be one of gentle lengthening, not strain.

With things like chronic tension and poor posture, stretching just one time won't be that helpful. This is the kind of thing you'll need to devote 5 minutes to each day (and for some of us who tend to slouch, even a few times a day). And as with all yoga, taking slow full breaths and exhaling completely is important...We'll have more on breathing in another blog post.

Stay well and let's go with the flow!
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  1. That felt REALLY NICE! TYSVM for posting! :)

  2. Great!! It's great to do a couple times a day. So happy you liked it.