Friday, April 1, 2011

Many CCSVI Testing and CCSVI Treatment Registry Sites Become Active

Hubbard Foundation collects CCSVI testing and/or CCSVI treatment data at CCSVI Multi-Center Registry sites across the US, and several new ones have just become active! RED indicates an active site.

The map below can also be accessed by going to the Multi-Center Registry on

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About Registry Locations

Credentialed physicians at Registry sites provide venous angioplasty, according to their expertise as interventional radiologists (IR) and vascular surgeons, and administer pre and post treatment follow-up questionnaires. Hubbard Foundation's mission for the Registry is to make sure CCSVI testing and treatment data is collected for every patient that goes for CCSVI testing and/or treatment. It is up to each individual IR whether or not they will do testing. **If you want to be tested, as is recommended, you must request that you are tested prior to treatment.

HF Recommendations for Registry Patients

Ask to be tested before you're treated! Preferably, ask for MRV flow testing, or come to San Diego for the test
Ask about billing and insurance
Look into going on a gluten & dairy free diet
Speak to your health care provider about taking important supplements like Vitamin D, omega 3s, and nattokinase
Find your way towards healthy living by decreasing stress and increasing exercise
If your IR is prescribing blood thinners, talk to him/her about the supplements you're taking
Check out CCSVI Alliance:

Hubbard CCSVI Center of Excellence, San Diego, CA

Hubbard Foundation's CCSVI Center of Excellence in San Diego, CA provides CCSVI MRV flow testing, venous angioplasty, data collection, and education about living healthy with CCSVI.

Stay well and let's go with the flow!

Hubbard Foundation

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