Tuesday, May 31, 2011

David Hubbard MD speaking @ the MS Society of Canada

David Hubbard MD, neurologist and lead researcher in CCSVI, and father of son with MS (now symptom free for 12+ months), has been invited to speak in Toronto by the MS Society of Canada.  Canada has been the battle ground for a fight to get CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis testing and treatment studies underway; Kirsty Duncan PhD of Parliament has been instrumental in this struggle, along with Drs Hubbard, Haacke, and McDonald.

Hubbard will be addressing CCSVI in MS on a panel with Drs. Sclafani, Rubin, and Selchen on June 17th.  He is currently in the process of submitting three research papers for peer-reviewed publication in top medical journals.  We hope they will be published before this event, but nonetheless it should be an interesting discussion.

Dr. Hubbard's previous presentations on CCSVI can be viewed  by going to Hubbard Foundation's YouTube Channel  www.youtube.com/user/HubbFound

Though many questions are answered in previous Hubbard Foundation CCSVI research (to be published this year), many more still need to be addressed.  Funding for this important work is provided by people like you.  Thank you for your support.  Donate here

Let's go with the flow!

Hubbard Foundation


  1. Thank you Team Hubbard!!! We appreciate EVERYTHING you do for us Canadians. The Hubbard Foundation has been a God send for me and so many others.
    Needless to say our fingers will be crossed many times over on June 17th.
    Thank YOU for YOUR support :)
    xo xo ♥

  2. Hi what happens if the CCVSI treatment made things worst?

  3. If the symptoms worsened immediately after the procedure, go right back to your IR, because you may be thrombosing. If the symptoms are slowly reverting back to pre-venoplasty, then inform the facility you were treated at because you may have restenosed. I am sorry you're going through this.

  4. I am from Ottawa and have had great results from the CCSVI treatment. I am a little worried for you. The medical system is different from the USA. We share a lot, but in some ways are very different. I heard you speak in New York. A certain individual has a position of power in the MS medical community and you have been critical of him. I worry about a backlash, but I'm sure you know how to defend yourself. This has been a very interesting year, we are making medical history. Florence

  5. Thanks for sharing! it is good to encourage people to comment, not just reading. The only reason I writing blog rather than diary is because of the feedback.

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