Monday, May 9, 2011

KEYNOTE Speaker, Michael Dake MD, CCSVI Conference May 14th

Michael Dake MD, Keynote Speaker @ the 2011 CCSVI Conference May 14th

Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Medical Director of the Catheterization and Angiography Laboratories, Stanford Medical Center

-   MD, Baylor College of Medicine
- Internship, Residency, Chief Residency, Baylor College of Medicine, Internal Medicine
- Fellowship, University of California San Francisco, Pulmonary Diseases
- Residency and Chief Residency, UCSF, Radiology

Dr. Michael Dake's has shared his innovative approaches, research, and experience through more than 1600 invited presentations, including 14 lectures, authored and co-authored 208 peer-reviewed journal publications, 83 book chapters and 423 published abstracts. He has been a visiting professor at 34 medical schools in the U.S. and abroad. He holds several editorial positions, is a manuscript reviewer for 20 journals, maintains active membership in 11 medical societies, has received 20 U.S. patents and has participated on 12 corporate advisory boards.

Dr. Dake has received numerous awards and honors and has served as the director of many post-graduate medical courses. In addition, he has spent his career mentoring trainees in interventional radiology, four of whom earned the Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation’s Gary J. Becker Young Investigator Award (1999, 2002, 2006 and 2009).

He is widely known as an innovator of new techniques and devices in interventional medicine. He has assumed leadership responsibilities for numerous clinical trials, including being national principal investigator for many pivotal studies. He has a consistent track record of robust industry and government grant funding to support research.

Dr. Dake’s research focus is to assess the presence of CCSVI in MS patients and to determine if correcting the venous anomalies has a beneficial effect. His upcoming lecture at the 2011 CCSVI Conference May 14th is entitled: CCSVI and MS: Where do we go from here?

Thank you to CCSVI Alliance for sharing facts about Dr. Dake's.

The last day to register for the 2011 CCSVI Conference, May 14th in San Diego is May 11th!

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  1. I hope someone takes a video of Dr. Dake's speech and shares it.

  2. All of the speeches have been posted on Hubbard Foundation's YouTube Page


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